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online jobs Learnlight - trainer
online jobs Learnlight - trainer
online jobs Learnlight - trainer
online jobs Learnlight - trainer
online jobs Learnlight - trainer
online jobs Learnlight - traineronline jobs Learnlight - trainer

Join Learnlight today!

Come join an international team of diverse, talented, and friendly professionals.

Virtual language teachers
Face-to-face language teachers
Skills trainers
online jobs Learnlight - traineronline jobs Learnlight - trainer
online jobs Learnlight - trainer
online jobs Learnlight - trainer
online jobs Learnlight - trainer
online jobs Learnlight - trainer
online jobs Learnlight - trainer

Why join us?

Collaborate with an international team

Our international team of professionals is comprised of 500+ immensely talented people who are based in 52 countries and who speak 25 languages among them. We believe that diversity is our strength as it empowers our organization with a vast variety of backgrounds, experiences, and talents.

Make your ideas count

We believe that everyone’s ideas matter. At Learnlight, your ideas will play a vital role in the continuous evolution and improvement of what we do and how we do it.

Gain work-life balance

Learnlight is a global organization and requires global coverage to ensure our clients receive the best care possible. This is why we recruit talent located around the globe, enabling team members to work schedules that fit comfortably into their daily life.

Take your career one step further

Embark on an adventurous new career path with an innovative and dynamic team. We believe in nurturing talent and offering an ideal environment for growth and development.

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Choose where you fit

Teach a language remotely

Teach whenever you want, wherever you want.


  • Minimum of 2 years teaching experience.
  • A foreign language teaching qualification
  • A high speed internet connection
Become one of our Learnlight trainers!

Teach Face-to-face

Do you have leadership, managerial and organizational skills as well as a solid pedagogical background?
This job combines the best of both worlds.

Read more about this position

Become a Learnlight skills trainer

Join an exceptional team of skills and intercultural trainers delivering virtual and face-to-face training solutions to corporate clients across the globe.

Become a skills trainer

Anything is possible with Learnlight!

Intuitive Navigation Design

Our platform is beautifully designed and offers the perfect balance between self-study and trainer-led sessions.

Interactive digital content

We offer engaging and relevant content to ensure our trainers have the best tools available to succeed.

Easy progress tracking

The platform provides a simple, individual student management system to help personalize the learner experience.

“I genuinely feel treated like one of the family instead of some remote person somewhere in the world. I also appreciate Learnlight’s professionalism coupled with human warmth as much as the pedagogical quality. Powered by state-of-the-art technology, the focus is always still on real people. ”

“I have worked with Learnlight for several years; I was with them more or less from the beginning. I have seen this company evolve into an amazing dynamitic worldwide web page which is used by thousands of students all over the world. The group is amazing, helpful and attentive. We have an amazing supervisor who is there for you guiding, supporting and assisting you in every way possible. The students always eager, enthusiastic, energetic and wanting to absorb all the information you are able to give them.”

“I’ve been working with Learnlight for a few years and one of the many things I like about the company is the opportunities that lie within the company. Although I started off as a trainer, I have had a myriad of opportunities to develop myself in other areas of the business. All that was required was a willingness to try new things, reliability and good people skills. The main thing I love about the company is the company culture and the support network that is place to support the staff. ”


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