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Join an exceptional team of foreign language teaching professionals and become a part of an innovative online language training program helping thousands of students from across the globe.

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Teach from home.
Work whenever you want, wherever you want!


Become part of a qualified and professional team who embrace and truly value a positive atmosphere in the workplace.

Better balance between work and life

Benefit from the comforts of working from your own home, save on travel time and enjoy more after-work free time.

Join an innovative and passionate team

Flourish in an environment with like-minded individuals who are constantly looking for ways to make a difference in language learning and development.

Teach people from all over the world

Connect with culturally diverse and highly motivated business professionals in a variety of sectors from over 100 countries.

Receive ongoing training and support

Teach virtually, but never feel isolated. Receive continuous support and feedback from our global team at any time of day.

Career development opportunities

Expand your horizons with exciting opportunities specially catered towards your individual talents and interests as a language training professional.

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Teacher working from home - Online teaching jobs

Learnlight platform for teachers


Personalized homepages with quick access to upcoming events, pending actions and important alerts.

Customized resources

Simple tools that allow you to import and export your own customized resources.


Straightforward calendar management that coordinates time zones for worry-free scheduling on the go.

24/7 Access

24/7 Access to a global support network that are dedicated to your success.


Flexibility to design personalized needs-driven lessons that focus on the students’ individual needs.


We offer a range of programs from One-to-One sessions, Virtual Groups, Specialized Skills courses to Level Assessments.

Extensive materials

Access to an extensive library of engaging and relevant materials to help trainers deliver top quality sessions.

Student Progress tracking

Monitor students’ progress via the Learnlight Platform guiding students towards their specific learning goals.

Job description

What is a Learnlight online language teacher?

A Learnlight trainer is more than just an online teacher. They are also a motivator and personal mentor who guides students through their virtual learning experience. They are a highly valued member of an ever-growing team of people who are proud of what they do and are excited about innovative methods for distance learning.

Responsibilities of a Learnlight online language trainer include:


  • Delivering dynamic, effective and engaging sessions to students from around the world
  • Designing a personalised program for students to suit their specific needs
  • Providing valuable, written feedback to students after each session
  • Monitoring students’ progress via the Learnlight Platform and guiding students towards their learning goals
  • Communicating in an efficient, effective and professional manner with internal teams
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Virtual teacher qualifications - Online teaching jobs


  • Foreign language teaching qualification (i.e. TEFL, CELTA, TESOL, FLE, DAEFLE, DELE, ELE, DaF, DITALS, EPE)
  • A minimum of two years’ language teaching experience
  • Proficiency in language taught
Virtual teacher availability - Online teaching jobs


  • Ability to commit to a fixed schedule for a minimum of one year
  • A minimum of 10 hours per week of fixed availability during our prime times:
    06:00 -9:00 / 12:00 – 15:00 / 17:00 – 20:00 / 22:00 – 01:00 (UTC/GMT)
Virtual teacher technical requirments - Online teaching jobs

Technical requirements

  • At least 10Mbps speed internet connection
  • Laptop/Desktop computer
  • Headset
  • Webcam
Virtual teacher preferred skills - Online teaching jobs

Preferred skills

  • Advanced level in a second language
  • Business background
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We offer virtual language training solutions in a wide range of languages and are always excited at the possibility of meeting talented teachers of the following languages:

English language English teachers
Spanish language Spanish teachers Profesores de español
French language French teachers Professeurs de français
Italian language Italian teachers Insegnanti di Italiano
German language German teachers Deutsch Lehrer
Portuguese language Portuguese teachers Professores de Português
Chinese language Mandarin teachers 中文老师
Japanese language Japanese teachers 日本語教師
Russian language Russian teachers Преподаватели русского языка

The language you teach is not in the list?

We offer our services in a variety of languages and are constantly expanding. If you teach another language, we encourage you to apply and we’ll contact you once we have something to offer.

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Do you meet all the requirements?

Then, what are you waiting for?

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Recruitment process



Successful applicants will be invited for a preliminary interview via Skype.



Successful interviewees will be invited to an initial Learnlight training process.



Candidates who successfully complete the training process will receive information regarding the documentation needed to get started with the team.

The entire process usually takes no more than ten hours and is broken up into digestible chunks over a two week period.

“From the moment I started working for Learnlight, I really appreciated the full support and training I was given from the team and team leader. Everything is transparent and there are often new opportunities to develop professionally. You really feel appreciated. Above all, the system really works and I love the fact that most learners and students seem to really appreciate us helping them with a vital skill for life, and the study plan which is set out for them. They often tell me how much they find it useful or are enjoying their course and some much prefer to have an English session rather than working! For those who wish to have flexible working hours and not have to face a daily commute this is a really great job. Go for it and you won't regret having chosen Learnlight!”
“Working for Learnlight is a wonderful opportunity to meet people from all over the world without ever having to hop on a plane! Each coaching session gives you the opportunity to not only help someone gain confidence in their English-speaking abilities but also to get to know them as a person. I love it when a student tells me that they've thoroughly enjoyed a discussion we've had or that they have learned so much from me and that our time together has been really helpful, it makes one feel like they're making a real contribution in someone's professional and even personal life.”
“I find working for Learnlight rewarding because you are able to see the students make progress and help them to achieve their objectives. The platform provides excellent up-to-date resources which makes the sessions interesting and varied. It is also really easy to personalise a session to a student’s particular tastes or interests. No two days are ever the same, for example I can be working with a student preparing a presentation, doing a role play on complaining in a restaurant or discussing current affairs. Teaching with Learnlight is also a fantastic way to discover other cultures and to keep up- to-date with what’s happening around the world! ”

"Being a Learnlight trainer has been an extremely positive experience for me as a teacher. It's a refreshing change from overly structured, micromanaged instruction, where your boss is breathing down your neck. You have autonomy, but if you have a question, or make a mistake, there's a support team in place to help guide you. You can make the decision as an instructor to go more quickly or slowly, challenge students, or review with them, based on what they require. Beyond that, the community is trustworthy. They pay on time, and offer you new, different opportunities based on your skill set and their needs. It's a great place to work!"

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Security Guidelines

Applicants for virtual trainer posts should only apply via www.learnlight.com/careers/, and respond to e-mails sent from jobs@learnlight.com or one of our recruitment team members, all of whom operate with learnlight.com email accounts. If you’re not sure whether or not your job offer is valid, contact us directly through our website or this email address, and we will confirm its authenticity.