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Training positions

Join an exceptional team of skills and intercultural trainers delivering virtual and face-to-face training solutions to corporate clients across the globe.

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Skills Training Programs

Learnlight offers 200+ communication, personal, virtual, and management skills training courses, as well as intercultural training courses that develop international competence. Our in-house skills consulting team also develops customized programs tailored to clients’ requirements.

Our skills training programs are tailored to individual and group formats, with sessions usually running across either one or two days.

We offer an extensive variety of skills programs, including:

Cross-cultural training

  • Living and Working in …
  • Working Effectively Across Cultures

Communication Skills

  • Presentation Skills
  • Effective Negotiation Skills
  • Communicating with Impact
  • Effective Business Writing

Leadership and Management Skills

  • Leading Across Cultures
  • Managing Virtual Teams
  • Managing International Teams
  • Effective Global Leadership
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Job description

What is a Learnlight Skills Trainer?

Being a Learnlight Skills Trainer entails delivering tailor-made intercultural, communication and/or soft skills training programs for our international clients in a virtual or face-to-face setting. Learnlight Skills programs are blended and supported by our award-winning digital platform content which is complemented by the trainer’s expertise.


  • Providing dynamic, effective, and interactive training sessions
  • Personalizing Learnlight training materials to learner’s needs
  • Communicating in a constructive and professional manner


What does it take to become a Learnlight Skills Trainer?


  • A relevant qualification in either intercultural, communication and/or soft skills
  • A minimum of two years’ experience delivering intercultural, communication and/or soft skills training in a corporate environment

Key Skills

  • Recent corporate experience (non-training positions)
  • Proven facilitation and learner-centred training expertise and ability to apply a participant-focused coaching approach to materials and information
  • Ability to implement the development of intercultural, communication and/or soft skills concepts and behavioural strategies via scenarios, specific events, and prior experiences of the participants
  • Experience delivering both one-on-one and group sessions
  • Experience delivering virtual training and comfortable using technology
  • Flexible, confident and enthusiastic personality

Preferred Skills

  • Experience with blended learning methodology and/or tools

Our programs are delivered on a request-by-request basis. Please apply today if you are interested in freelance opportunities.

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Security Guidelines

Applicants for face-to-face trainer posts should only apply via, and respond to e-mails sent from one of our recruitment team members, all of whom operate with email accounts. If you’re not sure whether your job offer is valid, contact us directly through our website, and we will confirm its authenticity.